GTD Hospitality

Management, consulting and training solutions for the hospitality and tourism sectors since 1996.
Our focus is on operational solutions. 
The industry is based on standards and consistency. 
Which are the hallmarks of all successful operators.

Short term relief management of venues.
Analysing staff and business performance.
Change management strategies.
Analysis of work practices and advise on improvements.
On the job mentoring and coaching of managers.
Develop operational procedures and business policies.
Recruitment and career development.
Mystery diner and reporting.
Reviews of staff performance


Analyse and develop business strategy.

Develop marketing strategies to increase sales
Create promotions and events to increase customer awareness.
Co-ordinate new capital works, pre-openings and refurbishments.
Create and cost out food and beverage menus.
Advise on professional associations and suppliers.



Delivered in the venue to small groups over short sessions
Practical skills for food and beverage service.     
Product knowledge - wines, food, alcoholic beverages.   
Customer service and selling skills.
One to one mentoring of middle managers.
Showing managers how to train their own staff.
One Day "ON THE ROAD" session with middle managers.


All training is need to know operational content.
2 week online follow up after any training.
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