GTD Hospitality

GTD Hospitality is a management, training and consulting business which has been successfully operating throughout Australia for over 18 years.

GTD delivers simple, timely and competitively priced solutions to a wide ranging client base of hospitality and tourism businesses. Our industry is about standards and consistency and all our solutions are based on these two principles.

Clients include casinos, resorts, gaming venues, hotels, clubs, franchises, restaurants and cafes across Australia.

We have minimal operating overheads as we own our offices and use only contracted staff. We can deliver our services anywhere with our cloud based software applications. This is why we can pass on time and fee savings to our clients.

GTD Hospitality provides services in the following 5 areas of your business…



Staff are your biggest asset!

GTD Hospitality solutions are based on the following inescapable and historical facts. Nearly 70% of hospitality and tourism staff in Australia are casuals or part timers working an average of 15 to 20 hours a week. Most of these staff have no desire to pursue a career in these professions. In actual fact employers are fortunate to get 6 months tenure as an industry average.

However they are the MOST important asset of your business! And we recognise their importance to your business and bottom line. That is why we focus so heavily on their skills, knowledge and performance in the workplace and how you maximize the return on their efforts.

Also our industry is based on peaks and troughs of trading. These peaks and troughs are evident on a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal basis. Operators have only certain hours to maximise their sales and revenues. Very few hospitality businesses in Australia are “pumping” sales each and every minute they are open.

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