Staff are paid appearance money.
A lot of hospitality staff get paid just to appear at work…through no fault of their own. Essentially they are used as bodies during the course of a shift and have minimal value add to your business. Your staff are the most important asset of the business yet the most maligned. Over 70% of hospitality and tourism industry staff in Australia are casuals or part time. Most of them have no desire whatsoever to make a career in the industry or study for formal qualifications. However they need to have a basic tool kit of skills and knowledge about the products or services you provide. They don’t have to be experts. It can be very difficult, time consuming and costly to get them to attend group sessions. Therefore they need training in small blocks of 10 to 15 minutes duration with no more than 2 of them present. Before or after a shift or quiet periods during the shift. Training should be delivered by you or a manager. If you would like GTD Hospitality to help you achieve this CONTACT US ON 03-95851929 or email.

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