Improving staff performance as they work

Everyday we "spoon feed" operational content into venues to enhance the skills and knowledge of staff.




Cloud based - daily updates - minimal disruption - monitored continuously 

Short bites of need to know content that is available to staff at anytime.

  Reminding, refreshing and reinforcing operational skills and knowledge  

   For staff that don't know, have forgotten or are unsure   



Managers save time and money by not having to chase up staff engagement as SPOONFED is accessed in the actual venue.

Costs $25 p/h for a casual to undertake an hour of upskilling off site. Versus $1.80 per day for every staff member to access SPOONFED in the venue.

Savings in time and labor for managers who have no need to research, develop and distribute similar content.

Continuous playing solution allows all staff to have better retention of content and implementation on the job.

Potential to increase sales during service periods by promoting products to customers.

Any required training, upskilling, assessment or attendance at information sessions by staff that is done outside normal rostered hours must be paid as though they came in to do an actual shift. 
See the Fair Work Ombudsman back pay order on large retail pharmacy group    HERE

COMING SOON - Content for middle managers. 





Bar Service - Product Knowledge - Coffee - Wines - F&B service -  Compliance - Industry news - Customer service - Selling skills - Messaging 

  An information, operations and performance solution for the venue  








Deliver in house coaching sessions to individuals or small groups

Managers can use the solution to deliver short 'just in time' coaching sessions to reinforce content and emphasise specific venue requirements.





Flip the Tablet into PORTRAIT mode to promote and sell food and drinks during main service periods.


Low cost, fast and simple set up, no capital outlay, immediate start



Use your own ANDROID 10+ inch tablet
Purchase from us (yours to keep) 
Price ranges from $239 to $339 incl GST 
Delivered anywhere in Australia
(add $25 for p&h)

(all prices include GST)   |   NO Contract   |   NO admin or set up fees   |   Month to Month    |   Exit at anytime   |   Pay by credit card or direct debit


Full Content, Quizzes, News
Updated Daily
Daily Monitoring
$59 p/m


Full Content, Quizzes, News
+ Middle Managers content
Updated Daily
Daily Monitoring
$79 p/m


For multi sites and Groups
Set up and development
Proprietary content
Feedback and Monitoring
$Agreed fee



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