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The delivery of our services is based on strategic thinking skills and innovative solutions to help resolve venue issues and achieve profitable results.
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Consulting Services

  • Development of Marketing strategies
  • Shaping vision for the business
  • Develop promotional plans to generate increased traffic and revenue
  • Develop and deliver effective marketing campaigns in conjunction with PR and Marketing industry experts
  • Assist in the development of new menus and drink lists
  • Analyse and improve on current food & beverage offers
  • Develop function and events offers in conjunction with m/ment and head Chef
  • Source equipment and complementary products from industry supplier contacts
  • Budgeting and Forecasting projections
  • Implement appropriate administrative and financial controls
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures and help implementation
  • Audit current workplace expenditure
  • Develop and introduce cost management strategies
  • Audit staff skills and knowledge gaps across all areas of the business
  • Introduce motivational strategies and performance incentives
  • Mentoring and coaching of managers and kitchen brigade staff
  • Recruitment of new staff
  • Develop proprietary training programs across all levels of the business
  • Source govn’t funded programs that can upskill current staff
  • Analyse workflow processes
  • Assist managers and staff in developing a more productive and efficient workplace
  • Audit and feedback on existing quality, compliance, service and product offers
  • Analyse Organisation Structure and make appropriate changes to create more efficient outcomes
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Training Services

  • Practical Bar Service
  • Food Service and Sequence of Service
  • Product Knowledge Beverages
  • Wines and Wine Service
  • One to one sessions In the venue
  • 3 hour duration at a time
  • Service, Procedures, Identify Skills gaps
  • Financial and Operations Management
  • 4 x Middle Managers visiting random venues
  • One day exercise over 6 hours
  • Observe, evaluate, compare, question against own venue
  • 2 weeks follow up with phone app reinforcement

  • How to deliver training inhouse
  • Simple Step By Step procedures
  • Resources and content for all subject matter
  • Operations focus

All our training solutions are based on short sessions delivered on site to very small groups.

We provide follow up for 12 months in the form of our new 24/7 online management solution SpoonFed.

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Online Solutions

We combine short term in house consulting with 12 months access to our NEW cloud based virtual management solution SPOONFED.

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